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How To Make Bold Fashion Choices

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Dare To Wear What You Want: How To Make Bold Fashion Choices That Embrace Your Sense Of Self. You look through your closet and decide it’s time for a new wardrobe. You’ve worn the same clothes for years and they look so last decade. It’s time for a change, a bold new look that embraces your sense of self.

So what do you do?

You can waste endless hours thumbing through department store racks, but that can be so bewildering. With all the choices and brands, where do you start?

You need a plan: a fashion blueprint with tips that nurture your inner self to guide you on your shopping journey.

Here are 7 expert fashion tips to wear what you want and look fabulous for a brave look that’s distinctly your own and express your personality. Let’s get to it!

How to Wear What You Want

Wear what you want, feel confident and keep your newly bought purchases on your body, not on a hanger with a price tag in the closet.

1. Choose Styles and Colors You Love

We all have colors and styles we love. When we seem them, we can’t help to notice them.

While some of us crave colorful bold prints, others are repelled by them and prefer solid styles.

That’s why it’s important to choose colors and styles you like. Even when the store clerk or our friend says it’s a must-have item.

Don’t buy anything without heading to the dressing room. If you’re drawn to a top or an outfit, try it on. Look in the mirror and trust your instinct.

If you like a piece but feel like it might be out of your comfort zone, remember you can mix and match it up with jackets, slacks, and accessories to make it bolder or more subdued. 

2. Don’t Buy It Because It Looks Great On a Model

People often make the mistake of buying things that look good on models but don’t look as good on them. Remember, every person has her own shape.

Some people have hourglass figures and look better with items that accentuate their waists.

Others have broad shoulders and look better in v-necks than crew neck collars. Some colors make our skin look washed out and others are complimentary.

That A-line skirt and V-neck top might look great on your friend, but you might look better in a wrap skirt paired with a scoop neck blouse. Choose the look that works for you, not someone else and you’ll feel more confident when you get home.

3. Grab Some Versatile Staple Pieces

Every closet needs at least a few solid staples. These items can be mixed and matched with other pieces in your closet to make multiple outfits.

Staples are usually solid pieces rather than prints that you can pair with a variety of skirts, pants, and tops.

Make sure to choose a staple that stays in style like a jean jacket, a blazer,  a pair of skinny jeans, black leggings or a pair of ankle boots.

4. Size Doesn’t Matter: Fit Does

When it comes to apparel, size doesn’t always matter. Different brands have different cuts.

A size 10 in a pair of Guess Jeans can fit tighter than a size 8 in another brand or vice versa. That’s because brands have their own cuts.

Some are cut larger than others.

So if you like something and it doesn’t fit in your normal size, try it on in a smaller or larger size before you give up. Don’t think you’ve gained weight because you need a larger size.

It’s all in the cut and size doesn’t matter.

Most of all don’t buy a size that’s too tight and walk around uncomfortable. Keep in mind that machine washable jeans and cotton tops shrink a lot.

So if it’s already tight in the store, it will become tighter after the first wash.

5. Wear What You Want with Accessories

Accessories can make the most neutral pieces sparkle. Yes, a black necklace will match a black dress, but why not make it pop with a favorite color or your preferred gemstone.

Get a pair of sparkling earrings, a colorful scarf, a floppy hat or a cool belt to make your outfit pop. With the right accessories, you’ll turn a look that’s ordinary into extraordinary while still being able to wear what you want that reflects your personal style.

6. Go Braver with Makeup

Your look doesn’t have to end at your neck. You can personalize your look with bold eyes and lips.

If you don’t want to wear bright colors, doing fun makeup touches complements shy girl outfits or cute clothes for school or a night out.

A way to pull this off is with some dramatic makeup touches. Dab on some silver and gold sparkles on your eyelids or put on some colored faux eyelashes for some fun.

Wear a black outfit with metallic blue eyeshadow that matches a blue necklace or color your lips with a touch of purple and a hint of lavender mascara. You can choose makeup shades that match your outfit and accessories.

7. Don’t Leave the House Unless You Feel Confident 

Don’t walk out that door unless you feel good! You want to feel great when you’re out on the town, so make sure you take the time to look in the mirror and feel right before you leave the house.

You can always make a change while you’re still home. 

The important thing is to feel good about yourself so you don’t have any regrets when you’re out with friends or on a romantic date.

The Final Look: Wear What You Want and Feel Great

With these seven great tips, you’ll not only wear what you want, but you’ll also feel fabulous, confident and comfortable. Strut your stuff knowing you made the right fashion choices that embrace your sense of self and look great on you.

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